Users seek a more complete experience with IS (Information Systems) products, an experience that not only achieves well-defined goals, but also involves the senses and generates affective response (Bly, Cook, Bickmore, Churchill, and Sullivan, 1998; Venkatesh and Brown, 2001). As a result project managers of evolving IS products often face the dilemma of having to decide between implementing functional (Utilitarian) attributes and those attributes (Hedonic) that make the user experience pleasant and fun. Empirical studies to explore the basis on which project managers could make this decision reveal distinctive but complementary impacts of Utilitarian and Hedonic Value provided by the IS product attributes on its users. While the Utilitarian Value was found to positively impact User Loyalty, thereby potentially enhancing the capacity to retain existing user base, the Hedonic Value was found to favourably impact positive Word-of-Mouth of users, thereby increasing the ability to attract new users. This article elaborates the design and results obtained in one such study. 

JSAIS14-001Shaping Product Attributes

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